Formulation Ethos

We believe it’s an inside job … Because

It’s all about what’s inside the packaging and how healthy it is …..AND It’s all about what’s in your thoughts and how supportive it is ….YES

The RESET MOMENTS Mind, Body & Bath Collection is formuated to support this ethos by being;

*100% Artisian formulated Australia
* Moisturiser sourced for the Hand cream is 99.7% Natural & 83.29% Organic. It is also Cosmos certified for the supplier , New Directions Australia – ( See Product number: OCBSBC1KMOIST )
* All signature blend 100% pure aromatherapy botanicals added to any of the base formulations or Kangan Beauty water are sourced from ethical Australian providers ; New Directions Australia, Australian Botanical Products / Abp and Essentially Australia from the Byron Bay Hinterland for our native blends.
* Meditation coaching is designed to disrupt an unsupportive mind – body bio feedback loop with the aim to train the mind to focus on positive, supportive thoughts. Designed to be a mindset learning practice to release what you don’t want and to draw the attention towards what you do want
*Created to support busy lives with easy access to experience a sensory journey , positive mind training and to connect with healing botanicals of nature in 3 short minutes
*100% Kangan beauty water used in the Mindset Face Mist to balance PH, support the delicate skin mantle, maintain moisture balance and to eliminate the toxic chemicals in H20 formulations
* Vessel labels have QR code technology for EASY access to the guided meditation l coaching to give convenient instant support
* Vessel is BPA free / currently sourcing 100% recycled vessels & biodegradable packaging
* NO NASTIES, 100% FREE of Sulphates ( SLS & SLES) , Artificial & Synthetic Fragrances, Parabens, Synthetic Colours, BPA , Animal Ingredients & Testing, Talc, Gluten & Petrochemicals