Teresa  has an impressive 30 + year career alleviating stress, healing & igniting transformational change for corporations, business leaders, senior executives, Hollywood celebrities, athletes & individuals. She’s also presented for the Fitness Institute Australia & corporations such as Seagate Technology and managed leading Hotel Spa’s of the world.

Her evolving work bridges the gap between newtonian science and quantum physics.  Delivering a Method to support the navigation system of what guides who we are, the decisions we make and the reality we create.

During Teresa’s younger years she competed at elite state levels in Swimming, Diving & gymnastics and was placed third in Australia in Tumbling. Her sporting background helped her understood the power of Calm and the potency of focusing on the desired outcome.

This early understanding inspired her  to study the influence of stress, thought  and  effects on performance. She then went on to receive a distinction in sports psychology as a part of her Sports Science studies.

Teresa has also always been able to see vibrational energy and has a strong intuitive compass. She was driven to know why and also wanted to understand how some people seemed to shift negative states and manifest goals with ease. This lead her to study reiki,  quantum healing, energy medicine and hypnosis.

These therapies provided the key to open up to the influential power of the super conscious.  She found by integrating these therapies amplified the ability to attract profound life changing realities for the lives of her clients. She was able to guide past the conscious blocks and free the mind to co-create the desired reality

Teresa Brett is a Quantum Practitioner and Wellness Warrior, using her skills as a Reiki Master, Trainer and certified Holistic Nutritionist to RESET your future with by rewiring your body and mind with a new positive story.