Meditation Theme – CALM & SUPPORT

Guided Reset Meditation
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Meditation 1 Dissolve Anxiety – Be Soothed (6 mins)

Designed to shift the energy away from the survival part of the brain that creates a cascade of stress hormones. To enlighten and bring a feeling of Calm as your mind and body feel the effects of being recalibrated back to balance. You may also find this meditation opens up your ability to collaborate and create, to access clear thoughts and find the breathe is deeper and slower.

Music composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke – Adrift I Meditation Spoken by Teresa Brett

Meditation 2 Positive Future – Release Anxiety (5 mins)

Created to guide and imprint the conscious and sub conscious mind to choose positive future experiences over negative, stress inducing experiences. Recommended to practice daily for 3 weeks if you project a negative future experience even when you’ve actioned and done all you can do. Often Anxiety is a created from creating a fearful projected future which through mind training can be shifted to support and positively transform your life.

Music composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke – Adrift I Meditation Spoken by Teresa Brett

  • The Guided Reset Meditation or any Reset Moment Coaching or education tips via written, sound and visual platforms, although delivered with professional care are intended for general purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical, psychological treatment, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Neither Teresa Brett, Reset Moments or is responsible for any adverse effects resulting from the use of or reliance of any information contained in any sound, video or written form concerning the use of the Guided Reset Meditation or Reset Moments Coaching or education.
  • Always seek the advice of your physician or appropriate health care provider with any mental or physical concerns and medical conditions before undertaking any mindset meditation training, dietary supplements, energy healing, exercise, or any other health programs.
  • Warning: Never operate any machinery or technology while participating in the Guided Reset Meditation and ensure you are sitting in a safe and comfortable place.


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Dissolve Anxiety – Be Soothed, Positive Future – Release Anxiety


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