Meditation Theme – SLEEP & RELAXATION

Guided Reset Meditation
AUD $5.00

Meditation 1 Deep Relaxation – Deep Sleep (19 mins)

Designed to take you on a deep relaxation journey to soothe the mind. A visual journey to transport you to a safe peaceful place and to support accessing deep relaxation and sleep.

Music composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke – Adrift I Meditation Spoken by Teresa Brett

  • Wind down Ritual 1 hr before bed
  • Sip on your favourite Sleep/nerve calming Tea
  • Snack on tryptophan forming food
  • Write a list and pop down any concerns and actions required for tomorrow and give the mind permission to let go of today
  • Log off and turn off electronic devices. Modems can also be placed on automatic off and on timers
  • Switching off surrounding EMF’s is known to be helpful for relaxation and balancing the mind & body
  • EMF shields can be a wonderful addition to encourage a coherent frequency that is harmonious for the health of the mind and body
  • Melt away tension with deep slow breaths, a moment outside or in a calm space
  • Hug it out and enhance endorphins. A wonderful feel-good remedy to incorporate before bed
  • Play relaxing music, no more than 60-80 bpm. Use Binaural beats if needed
  • Use warm dim yellow before bed
  • Take an Epson salts bath with sleep-inducing essential oils or a Relaxing shower in a dim light
  • Reset Moments Sleep Bath Salts and hand & body moisturiser essential oils are selected to relax the nervous system, ground energy and are excellent for unwinding
  • For ease and an instant sensory relaxation effect spritz your pillow & your face with SLEEP Mindset Mist
  • Ensure you’ve used the bathroom one last time and then pop into bed ensuring you have clean, comfortable bed linen. Curtains, blinds, heating and cooling at the appropriate level
  • Darken the room and ensure you can just drift off into happy slumber once the meditation completes. It is recommended to have the meditation downloaded so your device can be on Aeroplane mode.
  • Listen to your Guided SLEEP Reset Meditation and drift off into a restorative sleep

  • The Guided Reset Meditation or any Reset Moment Coaching or education tips via written, sound and visual platforms, although delivered with professional care are intended for general purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical, psychological treatment, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Neither Teresa Brett, Reset Moments or is responsible for any adverse effects resulting from the use of or reliance of any information contained in any sound, video or written form concerning the use of the Guided Reset Meditation or Reset Moments Coaching or education.
  • Always seek the advice of your physician or appropriate health care provider with any mental or physical concerns and medical conditions before undertaking any mindset meditation training, dietary supplements, energy healing, exercise, or any other health programs.
  • Warning: Never operate any machinery or technology while participating in the Guided Reset Meditation and ensure you are sitting in a safe and comfortable place.


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