Are you feeling powerless, stuck, anxious & fatigued
Limiting your wellbeing. vibrance. purpose

Do you have undermining habits, thoughts & feelings
Sabotaging your potential. goals. preferred future

Spiritual Atheletica, Unit 10/915 Old Northern Rd, Dural NSW 2158

What is Reset Healing & Coaching?

Sports Science & Mindset training merges with Energetic Healing & Natural Medicine Modalities to facilitate healing & positive change.

Firstly Reset Coaching
The foundation to start the healing, change & transformation.

Discover the source of stress, pain, unhappiness and deep-rooted beliefs that may be sabataging your wellbeing & goals. We then discuss healing goals and create a clear vision of the actions & guidance needed to change habits and ignite your healing journey.

Next Reset Healing
The journey to heal, empower and positively change your life.

We start with deep relaxation techniques to calm the nervous system and open the consciousness to a more powerful & profound healing.

Diffuse & Release Negative Experiences
Energy medicine tapping, guided visualisation, reiki healing modalities are drawn upon to diffuse & release negative experiences leading to energy leaks, limitations & lower vibrational actions & emotions.

Change the Habit Field
Modern Hypnosis, Energy Medicine & Reiki modalities are used to disarm unsupportive programming and imprint with new positive dialogue and beliefs.

Magnetise your goals

The outcome of clearing past limitations & imprinting positive change not only impacts how our mind guides and supports us but also elevates our vibration. This elevation affects our energetic field and provides the ideal platform to upload your preferred future & goals. I draw upon the powerful methods of  Time Line Therapy, positive mental rehearsal and energetic healing to magnetise your goals.

Feel Enlightened
All healing sessions are completed with reiki chakra balancing, sound therapy and a touch of intuitive insight.

Boost Sessions

Support – MP3 Custom Recording AU$99

Reinforce new habits  & keep your life on track
Support is a custom recorded meditation, hypnosis, goal -motivation session to reinforce new thoughts, positive dialogue, behaviours and habits.
Support will arrive in your inbox as an MP3 to play daily at your convenience
A coaching session is required prior to Support MP3 Session

Attunement – 60mins AU$125

A  relaxing session combining reiki healing, aromatherapy massage, Tibetan Sound therapy to transport you into a deeply relaxed state.

Meet your Healing Therapist

Teresa Brett – Reset Moments Founder

Accredited member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society #14858
Ass. Degree Sports Science, Reiki Master, Seichem Master, Accredited Modern Hypnotherapist, Diploma Aromatherapy, Dip Remedial Massage, Cert 1V Personal Trainer, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Cert 1 Holistic Counseling, Certified practitioner of Bach Remedies, Harmonics Energetic Healing, Li T’ya Dreamtime Healing, Tibetan Sound Therapy